Day 10: The Final Day

Bondurant's PharmacyWe had one main purpose in Lexington — to see Bondurant’s Pharmacy, a classic piece of programmatic architecture.  The pharmacy is shaped like a giant mortar and pestle — very cool!  Built in 1974, the pharmacy touted the first drive-thru service of any kind in Lexington.

When we arrived last night, I noticed a couple of references to Man O’War, regarded as one of the greatest thoroughbred horses of all time.  In looking through the tourist information in our hotel, I discovered he is buried at the Kentucky Horse Park, so it was added to the list of stops today.

I mentioned in an earlier post that we had stopped at Churchill Downs when we travelled through Louisville and with Man O’War being added to today’s agenda, perhaps readers have guessed that I enjoy horse racing.  We have a strong horse racing tradition in our family — for decades, my great-uncle, Tommy Ennis, used to paint the weathervane at the Preakness with the Grave of Seattle Slewwinning silks — and Triple Crown winner Seattle Slew has an especially soft spot in our hearts.  It occurred to me that if Man O’War was buried in Lexington, perhaps Seattle Slew was, too, and I was right.  He rests at Hill ‘n’ Dale Farm, an absolutely breath-taking place featuring rolling hills, white fences, large barns with copulas, and horses roaming the sprawling pastures.  The receptionist at the office was nice enough to give me directions to the grave.  Although I grew up near Virginia horse country, I’ve never seen anything like this.

When we left the farm, we continued to drive through this stunning countryside, seeing several other horse farms on our way to the interstate.  Giant JesusWe wouldn’t get to our next stop for a couple hours.  Just north of Cincinnati, you can see a giant Jesus, His arms oustretched westward toward I-75 and its passing cars.  The 62-foot-high sculpture is part of the Solid Rock Church compound in Monroe, Ohio.  Unfortunately, the best photo op is from the interstate; taking pictures from the church itself will result only in a side view.

From there, it was a straight shot home, where we arrived around 6:30 p.m.  Tired from 10 days on the road, the unpacking will have to wait till tomorrow.  For now, I’m going to lay my head on my own pillow and let the memories of the first road trip of 2010 dance through my head . . .


2 Responses

  1. Sounds like a great trip! Bondurant’s is way cool. Did you notice the funny drive-in movie theater-like speakers in the parking lot?

  2. It is very cool! I saw it on a PBS show of roadside attractions many years ago and always wanted to see it for myself. I didn’t notice the speakers, but I’ll take a look when my pictures come in! Thanks for “stopping by.”

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