A Blog Reflection

As I start teaching this semester’s course on social media, with a special project on blogging, it occurred to me that I should take a step back and examine my own blog with an instructor’s eye   I created this blog three years ago for the first social media class I taught.  My goal was to be a clearinghouse for Route 66 information and feature interesting roadside attractions.  Well, the Route 66 clearinghouse idea never happened (too many websites and too much information for me to follow in the little bit of free time I have), so most of my posts have focused on roadside attractions.  Looking through the posts of the last three years, I see my blog has evolved; I started out with brief posts and large pictures and somewhere along the way started writing travelogues.  The writing got longer and the pictures got smaller.  Not to mention, I haven’t posted in more than a year, even though I have been stockpiling pictures and ideas for posts.  I think my problem has been that I enjoy writing  TOO much.  I start writing what should be a couple paragraphs and suddenly I’m involved in telling a story.  I’m a picky writer, too, so I edit and re-edit until it’s perfect in my eyes – which means a lot of times, the post never gets posted.  Apparently what we have here is a case of “do what I say and not what I do,” so it’s time to follow my own advice.  To help me get started on the new format, I’m borrowing an idea from a friend of mine, Budd Bailey, who also has a blog about road trips, and write posts on attractions, rather than the trip itself (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Budd!).   Hopefully, if I try to write shorter posts, they will actually get posted.  Let me know what you think . . .


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