Route 66 Featured in New Dodge Campaign

Dodge Ad TeaserI am obsessed with a new Dodge Journey campaign.  The commercial first got my attention with it’s striking narration:

People don’t make a list of websites they want to see before they die. They don’t fill photo albums with pictures from an online search.

Then I saw the Route 66 sign.  Thought I noticed a couple of other Mother Road spots, too.  The end of the commercial directs you to, where you find out that this is actually a contest.  Dodge has parked three Journeys in various spots in the United States, and the clues to their location are located in the commercial and related videos on the YouTube site.  This is like catnip for roadies!

The first Journey has already been found out West, so I’ve scoured the commercial looking for clues for the other two.  So far, I have found at least three Route 66 locations in Oklahoma: the National Route 66 Museum in Elk City, the Pony Bridge in Reno, and the Yukon’s Best Flour mill in Oklahoma City (seen on the TV version, not the website version). I’ve also spotted familiar landmarks in the Northeast: a blurred “Welcome to Vermont” sign, an I-87 bridge that crosses the Mohawk River in New York, and the World’s Largest Uncle Sam, located in Lake George, N.Y.  (The fact that I know some of this is a little scary . . .)

SO, my bet is on Oklahoma and the Adirondack region of New York (or Vermont) for the other locations, neither of which I will be able to get to first in this race for a free car.  However, identifying roadside attractions and the road itself is right up my alley and makes this an exciting “journey” (pun intended).  This Saturday, Sept. 17, at 9 a.m., a new commercial will be available on the YouTube site that will provide more clues about the second car, which Dodge has just confirmed will be in the Midwest (told ya so).  I can’t wait . . .


8 Responses

  1. Iit’s not that tough. They even tell you what state the second one is going to be in. “It’s OK.”

    People don’t make a list of the Web sites they wanna see before they die. They don’t fill photo albums with pictures from an online search. Like being there is not like being there. It’s OK. The Internet will be just fine without you. That’s why we built the first search engine for the real world — the Dodge Journey. And then we left three somewhere out there. If you can find one, you can have one. You won’t find any of them online, but it might help you figure out where they might be.

  2. Judging from the clues, I would search a 10 mi radius around Yukon, OK, too bad I live in Wisconsin

  3. Thanks for stopping by The Off Ramp and offering that tip — didn’t see that clue at all and probably wouldn’t have! I was already convinced it was Oklahoma based on all the Route 66 locations. Just realized another one last night — the hot air balloon, I think, refers to the festival in Claremore. Yukon is definitely in the mix so it will be interesting to see the final destination. Unfortunately, like you, I’m in a state too far away to even think about competing. My daughter is also in Wisconsin, so I can’t even send her out on the quest!

  4. Hello! I am from Yukon and someone told me that they saw the commercial with the Flour Mill and I have yet to find it. I have seen the one that goes to the Route 66 Museum and the hot air balloon…am I just missing it? Can someone send me a link to view it?

  5. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find an online version of the ad that has the flour mill in it. It’s only on the TV version — for now. I have a strong feeling that you’ll be able to see the mill on the next video to be released this Saturday morning (Sept. 16) at the contest website: If you’re from Yukon, I’d be on the lookout, because I think that Journey is going to be an easy reach for you! : )

  6. Well, Courtney, it looks like I was wrong about the Journey being in Yukon. That’s where today’s race started — it’s heading west 200 miles (unless they do a circle . . .).

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  8. Thanks for stopping by! I’m sorry for the delay in responding — for some reason, your comment went to spam and I just now saw it. Glad you like the blog and please continue to visit.

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