50 Mile Update and an E-mail Clue

TexolaAt 2 p.m., Dodge sent out an “exclusive” e-mail to subscribers of the Midwest Dodge Journey giveaway with a hint not posted on the YouTube site.  It was this picture of an abandoned building, which Route 66 roadies will recognize as being in Texola, Okla.  The 50-mile video clue was just released and it was — BINGO! — about Route 66 museums!  However, even though the National Route 66 Museum is in Elk City, Okla., and has been pictured in the video clues, my interactive pushpin wouldn’t stay there.  Lucky for me, I know there’s another museum in Clinton, which is also where the Dairy Best Drive-in is located that appeared in an earlier clue.  The pushpin worked and we now know the Journey is within a 50-mile radius of Clinton.  I’m still betting the last and final clue will be Elk City.  Unfortunately, unlike all the other video clues today, we don’t know when that one will be released . . .

I mentioned in the last post that the website has been really interesting to watch, in particular, the way the Dodge rep is “interacting” with the discussion board through a chalkboard.  At one point he referred to a post on the board and he has also responded to requests (e.g., to make the camera focus clearer).


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