Fly Like an Eagle?

Dodge JourneyI believe I’ve finally found one of the scenes in the Dodge Journey commercial that I’ve been trying to identify. At the very beginning of the original TV ad, the car drives on a low bridge over still water with a distinctive mountain in the back. Using Google Earth at street level and traveling along Rt. 74 in New York, I made my way toward Ticonderoga and passed over Eagle Lake. This looks strikingly similar in appearance. This was the best photo I could find for comparison (thank you for taking such a lovely picture, Lone Rider!). The only thing that confuses me is that all the other clues in the ad point north and east toward Vermont, but in this shot the car is traveling west heading back to Lake George.

In the meantime, you can add this to the list started in a previous post.  More to come . . .


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