Get Ready, Get Set . . .

Dodge Journey

The contest for the last hidden Dodge Journey will begin in the East tomorrow at noon.  With the search looming, attention seems to have been temporarily diverted away from the failed Midwest search and toward the next prize, with many of those who have been regularly chatting on the Dodge YouTube site  now en route to the suspected location in New York or Vermont.

You may recall from earlier posts (“Add Saratoga Springs to Your Journey” and “Fly Like an Eagle?”) that four sites in the Lake George/Ticonderoga area of New York state as well as western Vermont have been identified as clues in the original commercial for the contest.  An additional site has been identified from an article about filming at that location.  Here’s the puzzle, however:  as the red Dodge Journey drives by these sites in the commercial, it is going in a different direction each time — north, south, east and west.

I’m hoping that this was great planning on behalf of Dodge.  While the search for the  first of the three Dodges being given away came and went without much fanfare, the contest has reached a fever pitch this week as more people find out about it.  I’m certainly not the only one who has identified the northeast sites — far from it.  People have been posting clues on Dodge’s YouTube site and other blogs.  In fact, many people have been talking about what they think is the final location — an action that upset others who were planning to physically participate in the search this weekend.  My bet is that Dodge prepared for this and chose alternative locations a long time ago, as evidenced by the different directions in the commercial.

In any case, I, unfortunately, will not be able to watch the search kick off tomorrow when the first clue of the day airs on Dodge’s YouTube site due to a prior commitment, but I’ll join the cyber search as soon as possible and post updates when I can.  Good luck to all those participating in the actual search tomorrow!


2 Responses

  1. Where have you heard about the Eastern search starting at noon? Especially considering that both other searches started at 9am local time.

  2. Hi Tyler — Dodge announced it a couple days ago in the same statement regarding the outcome of the Midwest search: Thanks for stopping by!

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