400-Mile Clue: Chestertown, NY

Dodge Journey

Leaving Lake George, we have traveled  to Chestertown, N.Y., northwest of Lake George in the Adirondack region of the state.  The 400-mile video clue refers to Friends Lake, which is located there.  The radius is now narrowed to 400 miles from Chestertown, bordered by Cleveland; Washington, D.C.; and, Maine.  I’m sure this last clue held some significant information.  On the closeup in the interior of the car, several numbers appeared: the sequence 23456, Sat 10, and 6:23.  Just a thought — using the number sequence as a clue, Chestertown is near routes 8, 9, 10 and 11, which goes back to Lake George (couldn’t find a 7!).

One thing I have not seen mentioned today is something Dodge said last night that I think was a clue.  On its YouTube site, Dodge posted a reply to someone recommending that he bring lots of beef jerky on the search.  There are three big beef jerky companies in Vermont within the radius.  One of them is in Swanton, Vt., where quite a lot of horse stables are located.  Time will tell . . .


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