“Final” Clues: Schroon Lake, NY, to Vermont

Dodge Journey

The final video clue has been aired — well, actually there were two clues to help folks search for the Dodge Journey hidden in the East.  At 4 p.m., the 375-mile video clue referred to the Adirondack Marathon, which runs around Schroon Lake in New York.  Another clue in the video was a shirt sporting the number 74, which refers to Route 74 that runs from (almost) Schroon Lake east to the ferry in Ticonderoga, mentioned in numerous posts, and into Vermont.

If you have been playing the map game on the Dodge YouTube site where the clues are and got the locations of all five clues correct, there was a sixth clue: a sign that reads “This isn’t the end.  It’s only the beginning.  We can’t wait to share where we went next.”  This sign also appeared in a photo circulated this afternoon that was posted at the intersection of Route 74/73 and Route 22A in Vermont.  This is the intersection shown at the end of the first video posted today where the car makes a turn.  We now know the car is heading south on Route 22A.  However, the sign at the location says one more thing:  “The journey is within 350 miles from here”  — that leaves a pretty big radius!

There are a lot of random clues to put together from today’s videos and I’ll be working on that next.  At 6 p.m., Dodge has said it will replay the path that the Journey has taken so far.  The sign in the live shot telling us about the upcoming slide show also refers to grabbing some popcorn.  Perhaps we’re heading back to the Malta Drive-in?


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  2. Hey there — thanks for stopping by! Well, the path has definitely taken us through Orwell and could always loop back. I’m working on an update of the route right now — stay posted!

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