Late Breaking Clues

Dodge Journey

Dodge has announced on its YouTube contest site that it has distributed two photos as early clues:

“We sent 2 pics to various sites. If posted and you can find them, they won’t lead to the car, but they’ll get you started.”

I don’t know where the photos were originally sent, but you can now see them on, which has been deciphering the clues for the entire contest.   The Malta Drive-in, in Malta, N.Y., is south of Saratoga Springs, home of P.J.’s Bar-B-Q, one of the clues identified earlier.  I suspect that the name of the “film” on the marquee, “Paradox,” refers to Paradox Lake, which you would pass on your way to the next photo Dodge sent: a picture of a family on the ferry that goes between Ticonderoga, N.Y., and Shoreham, Vt., both of which have been identified as earlier clues.

In replying to a post made by a discussion board participant, Dodge also referred to “beef jerky.”  A clue perhaps?  A quick Google search lists at least three beef jerky companies in Vermont: Harrington’s of Vermont in Richmond, Vermont Beef Jerky in Orleans, and Rosie’s Beef Jerky in Swanton.  None are close to the ferry mentioned above, but we won’t know how wide the search area will be until the contest officially begins at noon.  Stay tuned . . .


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