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Photos from the Road: Part 1

Dodge Journey

The search for the Dodge Journey hidden in the East has presumably gone on all night.  With the prize not claimed yet, a new slideshow with clues is set to start any minute on the Dodge YouTube site.  The slides from last night have been posted on Dodge’s Facebook page.  Here’s where we’ve been:

  • Could be anything!
  • Fort Ticonderoga Ferry, Route 74, Ticonderoga, N.Y.
  • Lake Champlain
  • Larrabees Point Ferry Landing, Route 74, Shoreham, Vt.
  • Fish gallery sign (I believe for Norton’s Gallery, which is located on 22A) on Route 74/73, Shoreham, Vt.
  • Routes 74/73 and 22A, Shoreham, Vt.
  • Woodcarving sign (I believe this is also for Norton’s Gallery; I think this sign and the fish sign above are relatively new, because they do not display on Google Earth), Route 73, Shoreham, Vt.
  • Generic landscape
  • Horse crossing sign, Route 73, Orwell, Vt.
  • Town Hall, Route 73, Orwell, Vt.
  • Generic landscape
  • Generic landscape
  • Sudbury Congregational Church, Route 30/73, Sudbury, Vt.
  • Routes 7/73, Brandon, Vt.
  • Routes 7/73, Brandon, Vt.
  • New England Maple Museum, Route 7, Pittsford, Vt.
  • Welcome to Killington, Route 4, Killington, Vt.
  • Mendon Killington sign, Route 4, Killington, Vt.
  • Green Mountains (?), Route 4, Killington, Vt.
  • Green Mountains (?), Route 4, Killington, Vt.
  • Sign for Back Behind Saloon Restaurant, Routes 4/100, Killington, Vt. (near Bridgewater)
  • Routes 4/100, Killington, Vt. (near Bridgewater)
  • Beaver Valley USA, Route 4, Bridgewater Corners, Vt.?
  • Bridgewater Park sign, Route 4, Bridgewater, Vt.
  • Lincoln Covered B ridge, Route 4, West Woodstock, Vt.
  • Fletcher Hill Road on other side of Lincoln Covered Bridge, Route 4, West Woodstock, Vt.
  • Lincoln Covered Bridge, Route 4, West Woodstock, Vt.
  • Solomon Woodward woolen mill (I previously incorrectly identified this as a grist mill that is located in the same area), Woodstock, Vt.  Note: I  am not sure of the address of the mill; I believe the path of the Journey diverted from Route 4 temporarily, crossed the Lincoln Bridge and turned left on  Fletcher Road, where I think the mill is located.
  • Routes 106/12, Route 4, Woodstock, Vt. (these three routes briefly converge in Woodstock)
  • Routes 12/4, Woodstock, Vt.
  • Generic landscape
  • Route 4, Taftsville, Vt.
  • Unidentified sign
  • Unidentified bear statues
  • Quechee Gorge, Quechee, Vt.
  • Quechee Gorge, Quechee, Vt.
  • I-89, Lebanon exit, Lebanon,N.H.
  • Mascoma Lake, Route 4/4A, Lebanon, N.H.
  • The Baited Hook restaurant, Route 4A, Lebanon, N.H.
  • Enfield Shaker Village, Route 4A, Enfield, N.H.
  • Route 4A, somewhere on the way to Potter Place, where the road ends, Vermont

I’m guessing the path will either turn east on Route 11 and possibly head into Maine, or turn right and head south to Massachusetts — could even be making one big circle . . .

If I have time later, I will come back and provide links to some of these places; I’ll and also try to refine or confirm any unidentified locations.  In the meantime, there are some links available in last night’s posts:  The Slide Show and Go East, Young Man

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