Photos from the Road: Part 2 (UPDATED)

Dodge Journey

(The following post from Sunday, Sept. 25 has been updated with links and new site identifications:)

Looks like I ended my last post a couple of slides too soon.   The slide show providing us clues to the location of the Dodge Journey ended 100 minutes after it started, and the closing slide was the Time and Temperature Building in downtown Portland, Maine.  Its famous rooftop sign is now being using as an advertisement urging people to “CALL JOE,” a local attorney.

Meanwhile, a few things have been happening inside the barn/stable where the Journey is parked:  the cameraman fed some chickens (which occasionally come by to cluck), he ate a lobster roll (missed that, but my good friend and fellow roadie Sarah YO Cote was on top of it), he posted a life preserver, and the time clock has been replaced with what appears to be a phone number.  I wasn’t able to find the number, however — at least not using the Maine area code.

The photos from today’s slide show can be found here, although I noticed a couple were missing.  I’ve been able to identify more since the first time around (and also corrected some):

  • Unidentified road (presumably Route 4A)
  • Reflection of pine trees on the hood of the car (that’s something you don’t see often in New England!)
  • More unidentified road
  • Hominy Pot historical marker, Route 11, Crockett Corner, N.H.
  • I-89, sign for exit Route 13 (Clinton Street, Concord)
  • I-89, sign for I-93 junction and exit for 3A
  • Sign for end of I-89, Concord, N.H.
  • Intersection of Water and Hall streets, Concord, N.H.
  • I-393 bridge crossing the Merrimack River, east of Concord, N.H.
  • I-393, sign for exit 3 (Route 106)
  • Old car out for a spin, unidentified location
  • Road sign for routes 4/9/202 (Dover Road), east of Concord, N.H.
  • Johnson’s Seafood and Steak, Routes 4, east of Concord, N.H.
  • Piece Time Puzzles barn, Route 4, Northwood, N.H.
  • Junction 152 sign, Route 4, Northwood, N.H.
  • Welcome to Northwood and Antique Alley sign, Route 4, Northwood, N.H.
  • View from Route 4 right before crossing the Alexander Scammell Bridge, west of Durham, N.H.
  • Alexander Scammell Bridge over the Bellamy River, Route 4
  • Not sure what this is (perhaps a cover for road salt?), but it can be clearly seen using Google Earth; Shattuck Way, just past General Sullivan Bridge, Route 4, Portsmouth, N.H.
  • Unidentified (perhaps same area?)
  • Market Square, Route 4, Portsmouth, N.H.
  • Corner of State and Pleasant Streets, Portsmouth, N.H.

Note:  The following Portsmouth locations don’t seem to go in a logical order

Note:  The location of most of the following are unidentified, but we can assume they are on Route 1)

  • Welcome to Maine sign (location identified)
  • Organic Nurseries Home and Garden Center (location unidentified)
  • “Welcome, come as you are” sign (location unidentified)
  •  “Shawshank Prison” car, Woods for Goods, Route 1, York, Maine
  • Unidentified
  • Unidentified
  • Old gas pumps (Seashore Trolley Museum? Wells Auto Museum?)
  • Old bus, train, trolley car (Seahorse Trolley Museum?)
  • Seashore Trolley Museum, Route 1, Kinnebunkport
  • Unidentified dock
  • Moose crossing  (unidentified location, although I’m sure there can’t be many — geez!)
  • Barnards Tavern sign (unidentified location, though it should be easy)
  • Time and Temperature Building, downtown Portland, Maine

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