The Maine Route: Portsmouth

Dodge Journey

The Dodge Journey has left New Hampshire and entered Maine.  I’m going to make this post short, since we have clearly identified several places along the way and most of them are in the Portsmouth, N.H., Kittery, Maine, area:

The Journey took the Little Bay Bridge (UPDATE: it has since been identified as similar-looking Alexander Scammell Bridge) heading into Portsmouth, N.H., and then took either the Memorial Bridge or Sarah Mildred Long Bridge (they both look the same to me) over to Kittery, the state’s oldest incorporated town.  We also saw scenes from Prescott Park in Portsmouth, and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (UPDATE: this was an incorrect location; a submarine pictured in the slide show was also pictured on the website for the shipyard, but is in a different location — or is a different submarine altogether).

A “Welcome to Maine” sign was followed by another sign (this one wooden) that said, “Welcome, come as you are” and an old car with the lettering “Shawshank Prison.”  Although the 1994 movie “Shawshank Remption” was shot mostly in Ohio, the setting was supposed to be Maine, and, following the release of the movie, a state-of-the-art prison was built in Haven.  While this city is on Route 1, which appears to be the road the Journey is taking, it seems to far away at this point (UPDATE: The car was in York).  As I post this, the route has taken us to the Seashore Trolley Museum in Kennebunkport.

View this post for more recent information.


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  1. Nice find, Dave! Certainly would be fitting and the route is taking us in that direction. I’ve been so busy tracking the slides that I haven’t had much time to make my own projections; looking forward to the “journey’s end”! Thanks for stopping by!

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