The Slide Show

Dodge Journey

At 6 p.m., a slide show began on the Dodge YouTube site to show us sites the Journey passed on its way to the final location.  We can surmise the following so far:

After the Journey turned south on 22A, it entered Orwell, Vt., and then turned east on Route 73 toward Sudbury, although I haven’t confirmed the picture clues on this one yet, and eventually to Brandon, which I have confirmed through Google Earth.  There were two slides taken here, both had road signs for routes 73 and 7.  The Journey then made its way south down Route 7 toward Pittsford and the home of the New England Maple Syrup Museum.

In Rutland, the Journey turned east on Route 4 and headed to Killington, where it intersects with Route 100 south (one of the slides showed this intersection).  Route 4 continues to be followed into Bridgewater, where another slide was taken, and then onto Woodstock, where the Lincoln Covered Bridge and an old grist mill the Solomon Woodward woolen mill, both pictured in the slide show. The path continues east on Route 4, passing an intersection with Route 106 and joining Route 12.  Road signs for all three are seen in the slide show.

It looks like we will hit I-89 pretty soon.  This interstate has been talked about for the past week because the GPS in the Journey in the first commercial showed a route 89; however, that scene was shown in the video clues for the search in the West and had been dismissed by many, including myself, as a clue for this search.  ANDDDD, while I was proofing this, the slide showing the entrance to I-89 just appeared!

Many thanks to my good friend and road trip partner, Sarah YO Cote, for keeping on top of the slides while I tried posting this information.  Of course, she should be on the road herself, because she lives in Vermont!


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