Today’s Journey Begins

Dodge Journey

The second slide show featuring clues to the hidden Dodge Journey in the East began promptly at 9 a.m. on Dodge’s YouTube site.  Here’s the route, I’ve been able to make out so far:

The Journey continued on Route 4A to Potter Place, where the road ends, and turned west onto Route 11, passing a historical marker for Hominy Pot near the intersection of Route 114 in Crockett Corner, before hopping on I-89 south and taking it to Concord, where the highway ends.  Picking up Route 3A (thanks Sarah!), the path headed south toward Manchester, UPDATE:  After I-89 ended, the Journey headed east on I-93 and I-393, eventually heading west again on routes 4/9/202, passing the home of  Piece Time Puzzles, a red barn with the word “puzzle” spelled out in shingles on the roof, on the way to Northwood.  The “Welcome to Northwood” sign refers to the city’s “Antique Alley,” mostly likely a reference to one of the “blackboard clues” provided on the live shot yesterday.

The Journey is now on a low bridge over a large body of water — perhaps Little Bay east of Durham?  More to come . . .


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