Andy Griffith Statue: Mt. Airy, NC

Andy Griffith Statue

In my last post, I wrote about Mt. Airy, N.C., Andy Griffith’s hometown and the inspiration for the town of Mayberry in “The Andy Griffith Show.”  In addition to  the real and fictional locations from the show, the town pays tribute to Andy Griffith, the actor.  The Andy Griffith Playhouse and Museum houses the largest Andy Griffith collection in the world.  Don’t miss the TV Land statue out front that memorializes the opening of the show with Andy and Opie walking to the fishing hole.  If you want to spend the night, you can do so at a number of bed and breakfasts, including Andy’s actual homeplaceVisited July 2011.


  • Andy Griffith Playhouse & Museum and TV Land statue — 218 Rockford St.
  • Andy Griffith’s homeplace — 711 E. Haymore St.

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  1. Andy Griffith is the distant cousin of David Orrick McDearmon!

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