My First (e)Book Photo Credit

In celebration of being included in a new Kindle book, I’m revisiting a post from 2008. Joe Sledge’s new book, “Did You See That? A GPS Guide to North Carolina’s Out of the Ordinary Attractions,” (and there are quite a few!), features my photo of the World’s Largest Hammock in Point Harbor, N.C., which appeared on The Off Ramp in 2008. Here’s what I wrote about it then:

hammock-closeup8 “I will go hours out of my way to see the world’s largest anything — I’m a roadie, that’s what we do. The weather was too bad to stop on my way to the beachouse, but had cleared a bit three days later on my return trip, so I treated myself.


The World’s Largest Hammock is located at the Nag’s Head Hammock store in Point Harbor, N.C. I LOVE the store’s description of its roadside attraction on its Web site: ‘Remember that family vacation as a kid, when Dad stopped in the middle of nowhere so you could all stare at the World’s Largest Ball of Twine? Come on, how relaxing was that? Now, if all that twine had been woven into the World’s Largest Hammock, that would have been something to see!’ I mean, is that written for roadies, or what?! The hammock is 42-feet long, holds up to 8,000 pounds and was woven out of nearly 10,000 feet of rope.

I stopped, I snapped my pictures, and I continued my return trip with a smile on my face and the satisfaction that there are always surprises on the road, even if you have traveled it before.”

Many thanks to Joe for seeking me out and including the entry. Unfortunately, it appears that the hammock may not be available to be seen anymore. Joe tells me that the store removed it (perhaps in 2011?), reportedly for repair, but apparently it still is not there. It’s disappearance has also been confirmed by other sites, such as Roadside America, and the description in the above post that used to be on the website is no longer there. A good reason to always make time to enjoy “the magic of the road that lays at the end of the off ramp.”