“Night of the Living Dead” Cemetery, Evans City, PA

Evans City Cemetery

“They’re coming to get you, Barbra.”  That line announced the start of zombie terror in “Night of the Living Dead,” considered by many to have heralded a new era of horror movies.  In 1999, the film was among a group of 25 notable movies, including “The Ten Commandments” and “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” to be added to the National Film Registry in the U.S. Library of Congress.

Director George Romero filmed the 1968 classic in areas around Pittsburgh, where he had attended college; the budget for the black and white film was only $114,000. The opening scene was filmed in the Evans City Cemetery north of Pittsburgh; the tombstones pictures above were prominently featured in the film. Barbra and her brother, Johnny, stood by the stone marked “Blair” as they were leaving flowers by the low tombstone marking the grave to the immediate right. (Interesting note: the same type of floral arrangement shown in the film was on the grave during my visit.) Later, Barbra can be seen hiding behind the pillar-style stone marking the grave of Nicholas Kramer (on the left) as she watches a zombie attack Johnny.

Also on the grounds is a small chapel, which can be seen in the film. It’s currently under reconstruction, a grassroots effort led by fans of the cult classic.

On a bright sunlit day, it’s hard to imagine zombies on the loose in this small rural cemetery. However, I’d keep a watchful eye and the car running just in case . . .     Visited July 2013.

Location:  Take Route 68 into Evans City. Heading eastward, turn right immediately before the railroad tracks onto Pioneer (which becomes Franklin). The cemetery is about a half mile on the left. To see the tombstones pictured above, take the first left in the cemetery, going directly in front of the chapel. The stones can be seen from the road on the right side just before the first gravel road.


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