Lizzie Borden Grave, Fall River, MA

Lizzie Borden's Grave

Accused ax murderess Lizzie Borden is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, just a few miles from the house where her father and stepmother were brutally murdered in 1892. Lizzie was tried for the murders in what was called “the trial of the century.” Although she was acquitted, started using the name Lizbeth, and moved to the affluent neighborhood known as The Highlands, or “The Hill,” Lizzie was never accepted into Fall River society. She lived the rest of her life at her home, Maplecroft, located just a few blocks from the cemetery. She died in 1927 at age 67 from pneumonia. A New York Times headline reported that details of her funeral were kept secret and that few attended the service. Her sister, Emma, who had left Maplecroft suddenly many years earlier and never returned, died nine days later. Both sisters are buried at Oak Grove with their parents, stepmother, and another sister, Alice, who was nearly 2 when she died.

According to, Lizzie left handwritten instructions for her funeral:

“My funeral to be strictly private with a short prayer at the grave. At the house I wish read “The Crossing of the Bar.” Also the 14th chapter of St. John and the 23rd Psalm. Also sung the first and fourth verses of “My Ain Countrieï.” I wish to be laid at my father’s feet. A small head stone to match the others of my family. Lizbeth to be cut on the stone. The minister of the Church of the Ascension is to conduct the services. Grave to be bricked.”

Lizzie is indeed buried at her father’s feet; her headstone, which matches the rest of the family members, is engraved “Lizbeth.”   Visited August 2014.

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Location: The main entrance to the cemetery is at 765 Prospect St.  White arrows painted on the road lead the way to the Borden family plot.



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