Maplecroft, Fall River, MA


Although wealthy, Lizzie Borden‘s father, Andrew, was known for being frugal. He was worth nearly $8 million in 2014 dollars, yet he did not live in the most fashionable neighborhood and refused to get indoor plumbing — a lifestyle Lizzie reportedly resented. One of the theories behind the 1892 murders of Andrew and his wife are that Lizzie was tired of living below their means, so she killed them to take over the estate. Although Lizzie was tried for the brutal crimes, she was found innocent in what was billed “the trial of the century.”

Following the trial, she chose to stay in Fall River, but she and her sister, Emma, moved to a more affluent part of the city known as The Highlands, or “The Hill.” Now calling herself Lizbeth, she would live out her days in this house, Maplecroft, high above her previous home where the murders occurred. Descriptions of the nearly 3700-square-feet house vary, but all mention numerous bedrooms, bathrooms, and fireplaces, as well as a grand entry foyer, billiard room, and sunrooms. Other features include original parquet floors, mahogany moldings, Italian arches, stained glass windows, and tin ceilings.

Even though she was now the owner of a mansion on The Hill and had servants, Lizzie was never accepted by Fall River society; instead, she would hold parties for showpeople, with whom “decent people” would not associate. Following an argument about one of the parties, Emma left, moved to New Hampshire and never returned while alive. Lizzie, meanwhile, would listen to the taunting rhyme children would sing outside the house for the rest of her life: “Lizzie Borden took an ax and gave her mother 40 whacks. When she saw what she had done, she gave her father 41.” Visited August 2014.

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Location: 306 French St.


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