Happy Anniversary to The Off Ramp

I just received a notice from WordPress.com that I started my blog six years ago today.  Six years — really?? It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago. So I thought it was fitting to revisit my first post: “I’m H-ee-rr-ee!”  I found it an interesting read, comparing what I had planned for the blog with what has actually happened. It seems I took a small detour somewhere on the road!.

My intentions for The Off Ramp were to have a “portal of sorts that will contain updated information about Route 66 preservation efforts, stories about other roads, existing and past roadside attractions, and my own road trip diaries.” As for the Route 66 portal, although The Mother Road is still my passion, I quickly realized that there was far too much information about preservation efforts and Route 66 in general for me to keep up with in the limited time I have to write and there are other blogs and websites already doing an outstanding job in this area. The stories about other roads never happened. However, roadside attractions have taken center stage and, for a while, I posted road trip diaries. A blog reflection in 2011 convinced me that my road trip stories were getting too lengthy for a blog format, so I changed to just focus on the attractions themselves (well, a narrative still sneaks in occasionally!).

I’ve enjoyed sharing the treasures I have found at the end of the off ramp and hope to continue to do so for another six years — at least! As I closed my first post six years ago, I will again: “I hope you enjoy the ride.”


2 Responses

  1. I started my blog in October 2009. It has been a rewarding period. My knowing about our world has expanded. In our world there are interesting people with interesting hobbies, founding gorgeous landscapes in their blogs etc.

    Keep on blogging. My dream road trip is Route 66.In Europe I have driven in Germany, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Norway and Sweden. I have made couple of road trip reports having about 12 posts and huge amount of photos. All these road trip were made to the North of the Arctic Circle. One road to the Northern most point of Europe.

    I love driving and photographing.

    Happy and safe travels!

  2. If you can ever make it to Route 66, it is an incredible experience! It’s absolutely my favorite place to travel. I try to get there once a year. Unfortunately, every year it seems that something else is missing — another hotel torn down, another restaurant closed. But the feeling of the freedom of the road is still there!

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