World’s Largest Bug, Providence, RI

Big Blue Bug

This giant termite, known as the Big Blue Bug or Nibbles Woodaway (get it?), is quite the landmark in Rhode Island’s capital city.  It has been featured in movies, on TV, and even on the state’s lottery ticket.  At 9 feet tall and 58 feet long, it is reportedly the world’s largest bug.  New England Pest Control erected the Big Blue Bug on its roof in 1980; the exterminating business changed its name to Big Blue Bug Solutions in 2012.  The bug was named Nibbles as a result of a contest in 1990.  Visited August 2014.

Location: Big Blue Bug Solutions is located at 161 O’Connell St.  The bug can be seen along an elevated portion of I-95, just south of the interchange with I-195 (making it a bit tricky to take a picture!).





2 Responses

  1. This is interesting – World’s largest bug! Thank You. I love this kind of findings very much. In Finland we have made for example: World’s biggest wooden church, World’s biggest snow castle, World’s biggest Cruise ship and world’s tallest ice cathedral.

    Have a nice day!

  2. I’d love to see pictures of those some time!

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