World’s Largest Strawberry, Strawberry Point, IA

054The World’s Largest Strawberry is appropriately located in this small town in Iowa. We’re not talking about real giant fruit here, but rather a 15-foot-tall sculpture located outside city hall. Made of fiberglass, it was erected in the 1960s. Visited June 2015.

Location: 111 Commercial St.


Field of Dreams, Dyersville, IA


“Is this heaven? “No, it’s Iowa.” So begins the closing exchange between a father and son in the 1989 movie “Field of Dreams.” The movie set is located off paved and gravel roads that wind through Iowa cornfields. The baseball field looks so much as it did in the movie, one can picture the legendary players entering the field through the surrounding corn stalks. The house also looks exactly as it did in the movie; however, it’s private. You can wander around the ball field for free though. Visited June 2015.

Location: 28995 Lansing Road