Geographical Center of United States, Lebanon, KS


Well, it’s actually the center of the 48 contiguous states, as verified by the 1918 U.S. National Geodetic Survey. Located about 12 miles south of the Kansas-Nebraska border, a marker, picnic shelter, and small chapel are pretty much the only things in this rural area other than gently rolling hills. The marker is about a half-mile from the actual center, which is located on private farm land. Visited October 2015.

Location: Northwest of town on Route 191 (at “T” with AA Road), three miles north of Route 36 and and one mile west of Route 281.


Go East, Young Man

Dodge Journey

We last left the Dodge Journey heading for New Hampshire, but it decided to make one last stop in the Green Mountain State — the Quechee Gorge, known as the “Grand Canyon of the East.”  A couple of photos of this state park were included in the slide show, including one similar to this one.

According to the next photo, it appears the Journey then hopped on I-89 south, taking the Lebanon exit to return to Route 4 east.  We then turned south onto Route 4A, passing The Baited Hook, a restaurant shown in the slide show, Mascoma Lake, and the Enfield Shaker Museum.  Three hours after it began, the slide show just ended with the last slide showing a road sign for Route 4A.  Of course, we already knew that’s where we were!

We’ve been told via the “talking board” on the live shot that “That’s all for the night.  The slide show continues tomorrow @ 9 a.m. EDT.  Sweet dreams.”  And, finally, a clock showing the time since the search began has been added to the live shot.  It’s sitting on what appears to be a very dusty log that the cameraman spent an awfully long time putting in position.  A clue perhaps?  Dodge has now posted all of the slideshow pictures on its Facebook page.

I welcome the time now to start sifting through all the clues that have been piling up in hopes of making sense of them.  Till then . . .