The Road Map

I stole this idea from my friend Bill Sledzik’s blog. He has an “About the Blog” tab, which I thought was a really good idea. It’s a place to explain why the blog exists, how it came into being and the expectations for it.

The Off Ramp has been percolating ever since I decided to teach an Intro to Social Media class. I figured if I was going to teach blogging, I better be blogging myself. It was created on Sept. 11, 2008, ironically two years to the date that Bill created Tough Sledding. That day I had taken 14 of my PR students to a PRSA conference at which social media was quite the buzz. I came home inspired and began to put words to pages. And so it begins . . .

The blog itself is “dedicated to the magic of the road that lays at the end of the off ramp” with a special focus on Route 66. In our rush to get to our destinations these days, we forget that there was once a slower pace. A time when the journey itself was the destination. The old roads that often run beside the interstate are full of stories and people who love to share them. Of course, if you’re lucky, you’ll also see the world’s largest ketchup bottle, chair, or frying pan along the way!

I teach public relations, and I look at the world through a PR lens. Can’t help it. So occasionally we’ll go in a different direction. The topic could be on anything — usually on something I’ve heard in the news that is bugging me — and the posts will be brief. You’ll find these little tidbits under “Turn Signals.”

I hope to hear from roadies and preservationists who have a special place in their hearts for life that can’t be seen going 65 mph. PR folks are welcome, as well, since I can’t help but enter that arena from time to time. I do have the “approval” feature set for comments. I will, however, not censor them unless they are rude or contain hateful language. Now, it’s time to hit the road . . .


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