Part Three and Talkin’ Turkey

While “driving” to my my next post — part three of “The Historic, the Fun and the Popular” — I hit a few bumps in the road!  I was waiting to get the last of my pictures developed, and then the holidays hit, quickly followed by an online course I was teaching in January, the start of the spring semester, and an unexpected, but glady accepted, trip to Turkey.  So a big mea culpa for making one of the biggest no-nos in blogging — not posting regularly.

The good news is that the pictures are developed and the spring semester is drawing to an end.  So part three, which will focus on popular music and culture, isn’t that far away.  Nor is a post or two about “the off ramp” discoveries I made in Turkey.  And when I say they were off the ramp, I mean WAY off!  I visited many archaeological sites now in the middle of nowhere that were thriving cities thousands of years ago.

One more look ahead — I’m hitting the road in mid-May  for Wisconsin and will be coming back through Chicago.  Route 66 roadies know what that means!  Yes, I’ll be hitting the Mother Road for the Illinois trek to St. Louis and hope to keep a daily log.  Who knows?  Perhaps I’ll keep going . . .